Environmental Sustainability & CSR  [Your Environment Represents You]
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CRS – Corporate Social Responsibility
Your Environment Represents You


  We never forget you have entrusted us to clean and care for your building, office or residence. Therefore we do so as if it were our own. Your environment represents your standards – but it equally represents ours. Our job is to make life easier for you. If you're never given cause to think twice about cleaning, it means we're doing a good job.
When you contract SPI as your cleaning provider, you can be confident that we make every effort to limit the environmental impact of our activities.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, constantly updating our practices to incorporate the latest developments in sustainable cleaning. Here are some of the key ways in which we make sure that we are providing an environmentally friendly service:

We are the first company in Australia to receive ISSA Green Cleaning Professional classification. This provides an extra level of trust for our clients, so you know that when you contract our services you are contracting a company that cares and qualified.

Biodegradable Chemicals
We use chemicals that are either biodegradable or have been derived from plant extracts wherever possible, reducing the impact that our cleaning service has on the environment.

Any one's services as good as the products they use, at Success we only invest in the best products. This serve us in two fronts

  • it reduce the wastage by minimising the replacement frequency of the equipment hence will reduce wastage. It's another way of being environmentally friendly.
  • Secondly it'll perform at it best throughout the cleaning process, hence ensure that work we carried out is at optimum throughout the programme.

Thinking Green

We have always been at the forefront of innovative ideas when it comes to reducing our environmental footprint. Our latest step was to introduce degradable bin liners for our clients at no extra cost to them. These break down completely within four to 12 weeks in a normal waste disposal environment, and provide a significant way for our clients to help reduce their impact on the environment.

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